Taking the Time To Be Grateful

No matter who you are, there will be times when life brings you down. Moments where you’re feeling depleted and vulnerable. It happens to everyone and is a common feeling in today’s world. Don’t panic!

I believe these few steps can take you from zero to hero:

-Find a quiet place. If there’s a certain place you feel relaxed and comfortable, go there!

-Close your eyes and think of three things or people you are grateful for. That perfect cup of coffee you had this morning, a friend who made your day, that shirt that makes you feel good about yourself. These can be however big or small you’d like, just take the time to really focus and choose things that mean a lot to you.

-If you have five minutes, take five minutes. If you only have one minute, then take that minute. Shutting out the negative and really focusing on these three things will give you a new outlook on your life and the important things in it.

This may not seem like much but, believe me, it can turn your day around if you don’t mail it in and put the thought in.

Try it and, if it works, share it with your friends!